My background in computers is inconsistent but deep. I played with computers when you had to stick the phone handset into rubber receptacles on the modem, and my first computer was a TRS-80.

But when I had to write my college thesis in biochemistry, I gave up on MS-DOS and got a Mac. I’ve been a Mac person ever since.

My passion for visual presentation has always been with me, from childhood art projects to my wonderful 7th grade science teacher who let me help make the weekly school banners. (He was a master of colored chalk on brown kraft paper.)

With the arrival of the web in 1994, I found a place to combine my love of computers with my enthusiasm for visual design.


I began developing my skills in web design and I settled in an under-served niche, the small business (or non-profit) that has had little experience with graphic designers. While large budgets give unparalleled freedom to explore one’s creativity, I find incredible satisfaction in bringing good design to a wider audience.

Over the past years I have found a great need in my community for graphic design outside the web, too. While designing letterhead or creating a logo doesn’t have the web’s challenges of interactivity, it surrounds our daily lives and can have a far greater impact.

Where else can you find me?

Twitter: @margaretamartin or @bungalowtech

Instagram: @margaretannemartin

Ravelry/Weavolution: stringbottom