Why do you need a graphic designer?

You need to present your ideas and your company in a professional manner.

Everything—from your business card to your web site—says something about you. It all needs to work together, and it must accurately reflects your business.

Even minor changes can have major impact. For example, redesigning a form not only makes it more pleasant to look at (increasing customer satisfaction), but also improves user understanding (making it more likely that the form will be used properly).

My specialty is high-quality, low-budget production. I can take your bare ideas and turn them into real objects with real impact.

I know how to prepare images so they look good without requiring a press job, and I’ve worked with local printers and copy shops, and with online printing services, to match the job with the service.

Need graphics for the web?

No problem. I can:

  • process photos so they download quickly but still look great,
  • scan, edit, or redraw your old logo so it’s ready for any modern need.